How Do I Know if Bankruptcy is Right for Me?

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There are many reasons an individual may find him or herself on the edge of financial ruin. A sudden illness resulting in expensive medical treatments, divorce, the loss of a job, a failed business, a sudden drop in the housing market, overextended credit, and all number of similar circumstances may leave an individual in the unfortunate position of being unable to keep up with his or her mortgage, car payments, credit card payments, loan agreements and more. If you have found yourself in serious debt, one of the debt relief options you may want to consider is filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not right for everyone, however, and there are many alternatives that can also be used to help you obtain the debt relief you are so desperate to achieve.

The most accurate way to determine whether or not bankruptcy is right for you is to hire an experienced Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney whom you can trust to conduct a thorough review of your finances and provide you with an unbiased analysis of the available options. For many years, the attorneys at Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC have been strong advocates for those individuals who have found themselves buried under a significant amount of debt with no relief in sight. We understand the stress that can come about as a result of unfulfilled financial obligations, being threatened with foreclosure, creditor harassment, and other money-related problems.

Through a means test, we will be able to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or if Chapter 13 may be a more practical debt-resolution method. We will then work with you closely to help you aggressively pursue the fresh start you deserve. Our goal is to see that each of clients are able to regain control of their financial situations, so we tailor-make our debt relief strategies to specifically address each clients' individual circumstances and needs. To find out more about how our firm can help you, or to get started on the bankruptcy process, we recommend you call us at once. Any delay in taking action could have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your case.

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