What Are Some of the Alternatives to Bankruptcy?

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In many situations filing for bankruptcy is a viable way in which an individual can put an end to creditor harassment, protect a home in the face of foreclosure, avoid wage garnishments or liens being filed against his or her property, eliminate or consolidate an overwhelming amount of debt, and obtain true debt relief. Our lawyers are well aware of the fact that bankruptcy does have its advantages, however, we are also familiar with its many disadvantages.

Bankruptcy is not always the option we recommend clients pursue. The successful outcome of your case will depend heavily on the choices you make and the counsel you secure. The lawyers at our firm are devoted to protecting our clients' rights and we advise our clients to consider all of the alternatives to bankruptcy before making a final decision on how they wish to proceed.

Some of the most common alternatives to bankruptcy include:

  • Debt negotiation
  • Debt settlement
  • Debt counseling
  • Debt consolidation

Attempting to go directly to your creditor for the purpose of negotiating a change in the terms of your loan or to try and obtain a debt settlement without first consulting with a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer is not advised. Do not expect a large credit card company, bank, or another private lender to have your best interests in mind; they do not. Most debt consolidation companies will not agree to assist a debtor until he or she has defaulted on all existing loans. The problem with this is the longer your debts go unpaid, the more penalties you will face, and the bigger the impact it will be on your credit. Our lawyers are committed to doing everything possible to protect our clients' interests.

We are intimately familiar with bankruptcy laws and we have years of experience helping clients take advantage of the relief offered through bankruptcy and the various alternatives to bankruptcy. If you have been weighed down my debt, we strongly advise you to contact an Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyer at Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC before you go any further. Our lawyers will give you an honest assessment of your financial situation and we will be by your side throughout whatever debt relief option you choose to pursue. Let us help you alleviate your money-related stresses so you can get on with your life unencumbered by overwhelming debt.

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