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Stopping a Sheriff's Sale in Indianapolis, IN

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Foreclosure on a home is not an action that takes place immediately. It may even take many months before a foreclosure is completed. The final step in the foreclosure process is the sheriff's sale, an auction that follows a court order to seize property. Once your home is sold in a sheriff's sale, you lose all rights to it. If you are facing a sheriff's sale and want to protect your home, you must act quickly.

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Bankruptcy is an action that can stop a sheriff's sale. The bankruptcy attorneys from our firm can help you take action toward the prevention of a sheriff's sale. Your mortgage lender must take a number of steps before your home is foreclosed. After you have fallen behind on payments, your lender will initiate foreclosure by serving you with an official complaint for foreclosure and summons. If they are successful, the lender will take a judgment against you. Once entered, a final notice of sheriff's sale can be published.

Stop a Foreclosure Sale Through Bankruptcy

If you file for bankruptcy at any point in the process, you can stop a foreclosure or sheriff's sale. Each type of bankruptcy will offer different form of relief. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will only temporarily halt a foreclosure or sheriff's sale, but can give you the time you need to work out an arrangement with your lender. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will offer the opportunity to repay your past-due mortgage balance over three to five years.

Our sheriff's sale bankruptcy lawyers in Indianapolis will speak openly about your situation and help you decide which course of action best meets your needs. Homeowners across the Indianapolis area have turned to Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC as they face sheriff's sales. Our lawyers offer knowledgeable representation and decisive action for homeowners facing the loss of their home in a sheriff's sale.

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