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Protecting Against Foreclosure

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All throughout the nation, home values have plummeted and countless individuals have lost their houses to foreclosure. Many Indiana homeowners owe more on their mortgage than what their property is actually worth. Owners who are many months behind on their mortgage and are facing foreclosure have been engaging in powerful debt relief solutions, such as bankruptcy.

It is important to evaluate all of your potential options if a mortgage lender has threatened foreclosure on your home. Bankruptcy counsel from Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC can be an invaluable source of information to help you understand what option to choose to prevent foreclosure. As you pursue bankruptcy, you can seek legal relief from an Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyer at our firm.

Personal Service for Homeowners

At Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC, we know the technical aspects of the bankruptcy procedure and can assess your situation to determine the best available strategy. If you file under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, an automatic stay can be set in place to halt foreclosure proceedings at once. Your mortgage lender, however, has the right to have the bankruptcy trustee lift the automatic stay.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may therefore be your best option as a homeowner in distress. Under this chapter, you can repay any past-due mortgage balances and can even have the second or subsequent mortgages removed. Our firm views your case as entirely different from all others. At Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC, we have the necessary skills to help clients throughout Indianapolis avoid foreclosure no matter what their unique circumstances are.

Prevention can take place through successful completion of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Bankruptcy, however, may not always be in your best interest for a foreclosure. During a free bankruptcy evaluation, we can assess all of your available options and help you find the relief and foreclosure defense that you need.

Our Indianapolis foreclosure attorneys offer the legal counsel your case requires, so contact Jackson & Oglesby Law LLC today!

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